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Dorgard door stop


Dorgard – a wireless solution for legally and safely holding open fire doors in any position – this device automatically closes the door when the fire alarm sounds.

anti bacteria door handle



There are now various types of coatings applied to door furniture and similar to inhibit or stop bacterial spread. One such produced by a company called Salto, uses a mix of lacquer and silver ion particles, rather than the original nano technology photocatalytic coating which destroys organic compounds on surfaces – MRSA, E. Coli, and salmonella included. Then there is the metallic antibacterial plating used by Assa – this contributes to a more rapid decomposition of bacterial and micro-organisms.

These are good systems, better than the antibacterial coating which is sprayed on because of their longevity, because they are considerably more convenient and they make a sound contribution towards inhibiting bacterial spread. The Assa system for example breaks down all bacteria [tests were done with MRSA] – the Salto system has a minimum antimicrobial efficacy of 95%.

In time we anticipate that all vulnerable buildings will use door furniture of this type.

wireless lock



Most cabinet and furniture locks are difficult to make truly secure – the lock may be of excellent quality but the substrate to which it is fixed is generally far less robust. And there are difficulties with glass for example, where the glass itself may be hardened and highly resistant but its weight alone puts too much pressure on lock+cylinder systems so doors won’t slide and the locks fail. Plus, for retail staff, there are always difficulties with locks sticking and key loss.

One good solution to the lock problem is RFID [= radio frequency identification – the sort commonly found in access control fobs and contactless payment cards]. These locks are attached to the inside of a cupboard or back of a drawer, for example, and the RFID chip opens the lock through up to 25mm of wood or glass. With up to 30,000 cycles per battery, the furniture lock can be opened more than nine times a day for over 10 years.

electro magnetic locking system


ABLOY CLIQ electro-mechanical locking systems

Or mechatronic - with this type, and with most similar, the electronics are in the key head so lost or stolen keys can be cancelled instantly, plus the key records audit trail
battery-driven [battery is inside the key – 20k operations]
can operate both mechanical and electronic cylinders in the same master key system.

laptop safe



smart card locking system



electronic cylinder
operated by smart card or related
can provide small scale access control system

key safe


VARIOUS TYPES: key cabinets including the TRAKA 21 Plug & Play system – this is a simple, logical, easy and cost-efficient entry-level system for smaller organisations.

For domestic and similar properties safes are small metal boxes fixed to a wall in a discreet location outside a house. They have coded locks so that anyone who needs to get in can be told the code, open the key safe and use the key. The code can be changed quickly and easily after use. There are no wires to fit or batteries to maintain.

To date there is only one key safe approved by the police and the insurers. This is Supra UK’s GE C500. It’s solidly built and can handle any number of possible code combinations.


compliant access control handle sets
Vario 1, 2 3 – system using locks which can take 3 different keys
TimeKeeper – custom-made watch safes with internals to specification, including winders
collapsible gates
caravan safes
safes for new build properties

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