Declaration of Performance


According to Construction Products Regulation EU N° 305/2011

1. Unique identification code of the product-type:

2. Type, batch or serial number or any other element allowing identification of the construction product as required under Article 11(4):

3. Intended use or uses of the construction product, in accordance with the applicable harmonised technical specification, as foreseen by the manufacturer:
Electrically powered hold-open device for fire/smoke swing doors

4. Name, registered trade name or registered trade mark and contact address of the manufacturer as required under Article 11(5):
Fireco Ltd Head Office Preece House Davigdor Road Brighton BN3 1RE UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 1273 320650 Fax: +44 1273 320655 Email:

5. Where applicable, name and contact address of the authorised representative whose mandate covers the tasks specified in Article 12(2):
As above

6. System or systems of assessment and verification of constancy of performance of the construction product as set out in CPR, Annex V:
System 1

7. In case of the declaration of performance concerning a construction product covered by a harmonised standard:
Notified factory production control certification body No. 1121 performed the initial inspection of the manufacturing plant and of factory production control and the continuous surveillance, assessment and evaluation of factory production control and issued the certificate of conformity of the factory production control.

8. Declared performance
BS EN 61000-6-3: 2007 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Generic standards. Emission standard for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments
BS EN 50130-4:2011 Alarm systems. Electromagnetic compatibility. Product family standard. Immunity requirements for components of fire, intruder, hold up, CCTV, access control and social alarm systems
BS EN 1155:1997 Building hardware. Electrically powered hold-open devices for swing doors. Requirements and test methods
BS EN 1634-1:2008. Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door, shutter and, openable window assemblies and elements of building hardware. Fire resistance tests for doors, shutters and openable windows

9. The performance of the product identified in points 1 and 2 is in conformity with the declared performance in point 8.
This declaration of performance is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer identified in point 4.

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